About George Braswell

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George Braswell is a horrible dishonest man. He cheats companies out of quality product.He cheats his employees out of a good work experience. He cheats on his girlfriends. My significant other currently works there, I hear it all. He works right under Braswell and tells me of how this man picks up prostitutes and uses cocaine with company money. He cheats ALL of his inspections and has employees forging work related documents regarding the quality of the parts being made.

He hires anyone who can breath and has a criminal background.. even a child pornographer who is registered as a sex offender! The parts that are being produced by this company will kill the people using them.

This company needs to be destroyed by Osha and better business bureau.The Govt needs to step in and close this place down before our good men and women are killed by the faulty parts that are used in military and commercial business and also in space travel.

Review about: Cheater.

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